BANEXPORT S.A was founded in 2005 with the idea to search and develop different Colombian coffee profiles. Based on a sustainable coffee business model with transparency, fair trade, traceability, standardization, long-term relationships, and environmental protection.

In the search for new profiles, processing techniques from other countries and other industries have been adapted and new processing methods and technologies are being developed. All this to produce and standardize new flavors in coffee.


The cherries are classified depending on their point of ripeness, sterilized for subsequent classification by size before starting the fermentation and drying processes.In the case of honey, the cherries are pulped, and the grain is reclassified into sizes to ensure homogeneity in the coffee mass, considering its subsequent fermentation and drying process.


As a part of this processing method, we have developed a bioreactor that allows us to measure and control PH, degrees Brix, temperature, rotation for homogenization of the mass, thus having a controlled anaerobic environment.


Coffee matured in American white oak barrels

The wine industry blows our minds, this industry has specialized, and we are learning a lot from it. With an exhaustive review of different variables and expert considerations, we decided to adapt two of these processes to coffee.


Our social programs offer incentives like financial support, training, and sustainable farming practices, guaranteeing that producers improve the quality of their coffee.

Their empowerment means that they have made the decision today to be in charge of coffee production and the administration of their own farms and the money resulting from the sales.
The coca substitution program provides the opportunity for these producers to earn a living legally, have support to structure their farms as a company and change the illicit model that does so much damage to Colombian society and the entire world.


The environment is something that goes with responsibility and economic sustainability together, we must be productive and economically viable but always understanding that we must protect the environment and take care of the planet for ourselves today and future generations.

We have worked to generate an operation where coffee is not processed on the farms and for this reason, we can guarantee that there is zero contamination on the producers' farms.

At BANEXPORT S.A we believe that sustainability should be: The price structure that BANEXPORT S.A. offers to the producers ensures that a minimum of 80% of the total price paid by the clients goes to the producer. This percentage can go higher based on various factors.
Popayan Wet and Dry mill:
Total solar panels: 448
- Energy produced: 201,6 KWP
- Anual reduction of Co2: 105,3 tons equivalent to planting 421 trees.

Santa Marta Dry mill
• Total solar panels: 248
• Energy produced: 111,6 KWP
• Anual reduction of Co2: 58,2 tons
• equivalent to planting 235 trees