Our Programs

We have developed programs to help these families improve their economic conditions and quality of life. Together, we aim to empower them not only to continue producing the world's finest coffee, but also to make a tangible impact in the region, improving their livelihoods and fostering sustainable development.

This program has been designed to support gender equality and promote links between women working at the beginning and the end of the coffee value chain, increasing their visibility within the supply chain, improving their knowledge and income through coffee.


Founded on December 12, 1999, in La Unión, Nariño, was created to support farmers in producing and selling their agroecological products and addressing regional environmental and agricultural issues. Originally formed with 87 associates, it now comprises 305 farmer associates. Fudam operates a specialized production unit dedicated to the commercialization of high-quality specialty and organic coffee.


Founded in 2009 in El Tambo, Cauca, Colombia, unites 130 women coffee producers to enhance economic, social, and cultural conditions. Their mission focuses on sustainable, high-quality coffee production, aiming for both national and international markets. Through training and empowerment initiatives, ASMUCAFE has boosted coffee production, improved income, and advocated for women's leadership and gender equality in the industry.


The Association of Special Coffee Processors and Traders of Argelia Cauca, founded in 2014, comprises 275 members, including 145 women, accounting for 53% of the total. Originating from seventeen professionals in various fields, the organization aims to aid local farmers in production, processing, and marketing. By 2021, it has expanded to include over eighty female members, all farmers from the central area of Argelia, Cauca.

Farm Select, a project spearheaded by Banexport's commercial manager Jairo Ruiz in Colombia, collaborates with Café Imports to work closely with smallholder producers. Beyond exporting, Banexport aims to enhance quality by providing voluntary support and technical assistance to farmers, helping them increase yields and quality to fetch better prices. This initiative builds upon Banexport's 15-year commitment, fostering enduring relationships between roasters and producers. Eligible producers receive tailored technical support and a fixed price for their entire yield, provided it meets quality standards

Win to win is a micromill located in Colombia's Cauca region, managed by Banexport. The micromill simplifies tasks for both producers and Banexport, beginning with the purchase of cherries from eight local producers on harvest day. Cherries undergo a five-day anaerobic fermentation with constant monitoring of Brix and pH levels. After fermentation, the coffee is aged for five days before being transferred to solar dryers for 30–45 days. Once dried, samples are cupped and sent to Café Imports for approval, milling, and shipment.