Join us as we embark on an exciting new project where, every day, we pour our hearts and souls into producing, sourcing, and developing the absolute best coffee the world has to offer. Let's redefine excellence together!


The farm is situated in the municipality of Sotará, in the Cauca department of Colombia, at an elevation of 2050 meters above sea level. This altitude currently shields the area from common phytosanitary issues like coffee rust (roya) and coffee berry borer (broca). However, there is a concern that these plagues and diseases might eventually reach this elevation due to the effects of global warming. The farm benefits from its proximity to the Sotará and Puracé volcanoes, located approximately 28 kilometers away on average. This proximity ensures that the soils are continuously rejuvenated with fresh deposits rich in essential macro and micro elements, fostering a fertile environment for agriculture.


At Banexport, we have returned to our roots and created a new business concept in which we seek to increase our knowledge and improve our skills in the cultivation and processing of specialty coffees in large farms in order to transmit this knowledge to the coffee producers we work with. Our goal is to contribute to the development of the Colombian coffee industry through a model that is environmentally friendly, innovative and prosperous for each of the producers.


Each of the varieties planted has been studied to determine the fermentation and drying to produce outstanding coffees with very high scores, whoseprofiles and quality can be reproducedover time .Currently we count with the following varieties

Currently we count with the following varieties:Arara, Gesha, Harrar, Pacamara, Pink Bourbon, Red Bourbon, Red Striped Bourbon, Sidra Bourbon,


In addition to our commitment to producing specialty coffees and collaborating with coffee growers, we prioritize environmental protection. We have over 3 hectares of protected forest located near our water source. Furthermore, we ensure responsible processing practices by conducting coffee processing at our wet mill in Popayan instead of on the farm itself.


Unlike traditional coffee farm employment, where workers are paid by task or kilo, we provide formal, secure jobs with a full range of benefits including fair pay, safety, vacation time, financial incentives, and healthcare coverage. We also prioritize professional growth through training and development opportunities. This commitment sets us apart and shows our dedication to our employees' wellbeing and long-term success.


Introducing Our New and Exciting Project

Nestled just 20 minutes from Popayán, Finca Santa Bárbara offers a unique blend of tourism and coffee culture in Cauca. With 50% of its land dedicated to prized varietals like geisha and pink bourbon, and the other half producing top-grade AA coffee, it's a haven for coffee enthusiasts. The farm also boasts three cozy, fully-equipped cabins for rent, perfect for a peaceful getaway with loved ones. Beyond offering a memorable experience, the project creates local employment opportunities and contributes to the region's economy. Experience the best of coffee and tourism at Finca Santa Bárbara in Cauca!.